18 March 2011

Needle felting

My favourite colours...

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16 March 2011

Disaster Beads

They look fantastic though the picture is a bit wonky. Why oh WHY did I forget to make holes in them

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14 March 2011


The Element Elves came in to play and made some lovely stuff.

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10 March 2011

Elements 2 Fabrics

Elements Background Fabric Sample
This is one of the fabric background samples I have created for Elements 2, the final pieces will look very different its a bit like making background papers. Once they are layered, panelled worked on some more...........yummm!

More Fabric Samples
Now you can see one of the reasons my blog has been slow! These are just some of the background fabrics I have been working on to help with colour, stamp and stencil choice. We are using Stampendous jumbo rubber stamps they were an answer to my prayers, beautiful big designs! Stuart Gill new stencils and paints. More stamps etc.

Earth Spirit
Just a tryout using but she looks good I think. Stamp designed by Carrie-Ann Dennison; Carrie is a rubber carver and Glenda Waterworth (old Elusive Images.....new Chocolate Baroque) made up some of her designs in moulded rubber. I really love this one. This is stamped onto cotton fabric and burnt out with a pyrography tool............ok to do if you don't mind the smell and smoke!

Bye for now, take care:-)