7 May 2011

Art Boards for Port Sunlight

Another image from Carrie you've seen this one before from the 'Earth Spirit' plate by Elusive Images. I've finished the card off using Snow Sheer fabric, cut around the edge of the fabric and then heated it to get this fab ruffled edge.

A macro shot of the Snow Sheer fabric showing the ruffles.

Also from the 'Spirit' plate this is a thick embossing technique with mica powders over the top. Love the way this technique brings out the depth of the images. Used two of them from the stamp plate on this card, the tree tops of the larger plate was used to create the look of foliage. This looks much better in real life, the photograph doesn't really do it justice.

Well that's all for now. Please leave your comments as I do love to read them, don't be shy.

Bye for now, take care:-)

4 May 2011

More Elements 2 Photos

Here is Helen with her metal class having fun.

One of the corner sections on our frames....... that butterfly worked well.

Fabric dryed and on to overlaying with more stamps and stencils. It was amazing how individual styes started to emerge at this point.

You may never see it again here I am with an iron in hand!  Contemplating Chris's work. Isn't it lovely.
 I look a bit sad here maybe I was thinking of Neet. We missed our polymer clay artist who was taken into hospital Wed night. She sent her best wishes to all and I can tell you she was hoping to be discharged yesterday. Please note I was wearing beads Neet made for me a while ago. I love them they are made with Makins air drying clay.

I will leave you for now with this happy shot of Becca with Helen I hope you didn't get pudding on those works of progress you have over your arm Becca. I will try to post some photos of this amazing quilted coat Becca is making. Great lady all the way from dorset to share her expertise with us on Elements.

Keep watching I'll post some more photos soon it is hard to choose which ones to put up but how come I have no photo of Sylvia?  I know this textile artist is camera shy she has dodged me does anyone have any photos I can post please?

Bye for now, take care:-)

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sorry folks please keep checking I am trying to get pics up here thanks for calling in Paddy