20 April 2011

Elements 2 The Start Of An Amazing Time

Getting started, stamping and stenciling with white before we choose colours

Colouring Oh wow! See how that pearlise shines through. High levels of concentration here for everyone

That paint looks yummy on Gwens piece

Wendy's scrunchy style

Lynn's Monet moments

Will be posting more images from the workshop in the next couple of days, until then take care.

Bye for now:-)

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  1. LOL thank you again Paddy and the A-Team for a fab dirty weekend LOL.... roll on No3! And got to say after all that gorgeous food, and eating at least 6 pud's in one weekend I lost 1 1/2lbs at WW this week, so sticking with the cake diet from now on Girls xxx will share my photo's when I've finished my wall hanging. Love Elizabeth xxx