29 January 2011

Burnt Offerings

 Two little Burnt Offerings from Sylvia Wood.
 We had an amazing workshop given by Sylvia with free inspiration running riot! I will try and post some more photos I am very very slow with the camera!
 Lou was a late starter but grasped the technique quickly this was her first piece. Love the colours. 
Sharing with you some of Audrey's work in progress at Paddy's. Workshop Burnt offerings with Sylvia Wood. Fabulous.

Bye for now, take care:-


  1. It was a fantastic class with Sylvia as always, lots of inspiration, her work is amazing. We love to peek through her boxes, a very talented lady Look forward to the next class.
    If you love something different Paddys workshops are the place to be, Paddy's wealth of experience always shines through
    Thanks for the fun interesting day Glo x

  2. Lynn here!
    It was a wonderful day - am trying to do more at home - especially the melty stuff!
    Wonderful!!! Thanks to all for your companionship - just great!