18 January 2011

Is there anybody out there?

Hello everyone out in the wild blue yonder, I'm here beginning to make contact with you all in the cyber world so bear with me while i get the hang of things.  Hoping to find time to blog but more importantly remembering to have a camera handy so i have something to share with you.

Paddy ;-)


  1. Well done Paddy,Welcome to Blogland:)
    If I can do it I'm sure you'll be fine(although at the moment I'm having a few computer problems - new one on cards!!)
    Regards, Chris

  2. Yes, you definitely need your camera to hand! Great to see you here in blogland :)

  3. Great to see you here in Blogland Paddy. Hope you manage to sort out a camera very soon so we can see some of your creations:-)

  4. Great to find your blog Paddy, Can not wait to see some of the amazing ideas that you come up with. Had a great time at the workshop on Sat, some fantastic work by Sylvia, lots of inspiration. Good luck and enjoy blogging :-) x